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 Welcome to the United Inventors Association of America ...

What is the United Inventors Association?

The UIA is a Federally Registered Non-Profit Educational Foundation. Our commitment is to provide educational resources to the inventing community, while encouraging honest and ethical business practices within the industry service providers. If you are not a member of the UIA we invite you to join the thousands of other inventors who are. It’s Quick, It’s Simple…and It’s Free.

What does the United Inventors Association do for independent inventors?

We empower inventors through Education, Access, and Advocacy

How do we do this?

We provide members with EDUCATIONAL resources, such as our stellar lineup of guest speakers to inventor clubs across the country; the videos here on the UIA site; our blog; and the UIA newsletter. We also write a monthly column in Inventors Digest magazine. If you want to learn more about how to develop, protect, fund and commercialize your invention, then visit our Resource Room and you'll find plenty of helpful articles and videos.

We bring inventors ACCESS to companies who can help you move your invention forward, as well as ACCESS to companies who are actively searching for new products. The UIA runs the Inventor Spotlight at some of the largest trade shows in America, and some of these even have “Pitch to the Pros” events where you can pitch your new product idea directly to companies who are actively searching for new products, such as QVC, Bed, Beth & Beyond, Home Depot, and a number of As Seen On TV companies, etc. If you're looking for an inventor club in your area, well, there are about 100 UIA-affiliated clubs in America.

We ADVOCATE on your behalf to members of Congress about legislation that affects YOU. The UIA does not lobby Congress, though.

Support our corporate sponsors who make the UIA possible. Click on any of the scrolling links on the left side of this page to meet the sponsors.

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