Register Your Local Inventor Club

 The UIA supports local inventor clubs through advice, education, and resources designed to make your inventing experience fun and rewarding.

As a local club you know the value of sticking together. The UIA offers help and support to local inventor clubs through use of the constantly updated resources here on the UIA site. If you are the president of a local inventor club please use this page to register your club with the UIA. Once the registration process is complet - we will contact you and provide a club code for you to give your paying members.  This code will allow your members to join the UIA and take advantage of the inventor resources for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Let's register your club.         




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All UIA registered Inventor Clubs abide by the criteria for an Inventor Club listed below

Terms of Use
1. Delivers objective education and information about the invention process and the inherent risks involved. Promotes a positive, yet realistic image of the independent inventor.

2. Is either publicly funded (academic or government) or is an organization that meets criteria for non-profit tax status. Non-profits do not distribute profits in a way that benefits members, directors, or other private individuals, and often receive tax exemption in recognition of their contributions to the community. Non-profits also do not endorse or direct members toward a for-profit entity.

3. Is governed and managed by more than one person, preferably by a Board of Directors or Steering Committee. Leaders include experienced inventors and/or qualified professionals.

4. Holds regularly scheduled meetings or events in a reliable, secure and public US-based location (monthly or bimonthly for local groups, annual or semiannual for regional or national groups). Publishes a newsletter or some other regular communication with its members.

5. Supports the UIA by:
- Designating one leader to nominate and vote for UIA Board candidates.
- Placing the "UIA-Certified Group" Digital Seal on its website.
- Encouraging its own members to consider UIA Membership.
- Encouraging its own members to sign up for UIA’s free Updates and Newsletter.


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