Getting quality speakers for your inventor club can be difficult, but using the UIA SKYPE Across America program to connect with great information is not.

It's a simple set of steps that you can take to make sure your members are receiving the information they need to be successful inventors. Just follow these steps to bring high quality professionals into your next inventor club meeting.




Download SKYPE - Skype is a FREEsoftware program designed for computer-to-computer audio & video conferencing.  It's simple to use and although it's not like being in the same room, it's pretty close.  

You can download Skype and see a video presentation about how it works at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/features/ 



Check Your Equipment - Many places where inventor clubs meet have audio visual support. Contact the place you meet and ask them if they have the following equipment. a computer (desktop or laptop) A computer microphone, a set of computer speakers, a computer projector, and a large screen.  If they have those components you are ready to go, if not, they are all readily available at your local computer store.   



 Contact a Speaker - The UIA offers a roster of available speakers for the local inventor clubs. From sales reps, to patent attorneys, these are professionals in the industry who take the time to help by presenting important information to your inventor club. Simply contact the speaker you would like to have, and set up the time and date. Remember, the UIA speakers are always in demand, so have a backup in case your first choice has a scheduling conflict.



 Test The System - We recomend at least the first few times you use Skype video conferancing that you take a few moments prior to your meeting to test the connectivity with your speaker. Better to fix any bugs before you have a room full of people. 



Print Handouts- Many speakers us some form of handout in their presentations. Contact your speaker in advance of your meeting to make sure you have any information he/she may want you to print and handout to the audience for them. 



Contact the UIA - Once you have your meeting agenda take a moment to place it on the UIA inventor calendar. This will allow everyone in the community to know you are having a meeting and how to attend.  

If you are using a UIA speaker. we will be happy to send out an email announcement to all UIA members within a 50 mile radius of your city.  UIA registered inventor clubs can request this service by simply emailing us the information 7 days in advance of your scheduled meeting. admin@uiausa.org 


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