You want to REGISTER a Club?

No problem. It's free to register your local inventing club with the UIA. We work hard to support the inventing community and one way we do that is by supporting the hundreds of local inventors clubs. Simply click on the link below and we'll get started!

You want to FIND a local club in your area?

We can help. Click Here. for an up-to-date list of local inventor clubs. There are hundreds of local inventor clubs across America. Not all are registered with the UIA, but most are. Just click on the icon below and get started. Remember, we all started in a local club - so don't be shy. If you can't find it here just Google it and if there is one in your town it should pop up. For some reason if none of that works, send us an email at inventorclubs@uiausa.org and we will track one down for you.

Oh - you want to START an Inventor Club

Got it - Well it's as easy as starting with the icon below. Just read through the processes and get started. There are hundreds of people just like you in your town that would love to join. It just takes one to get the ball rolling. If you need help just email us at inventorclubs@uiausa.organd we'll do whatever we can to help.

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